Some great free presets for After Effects

Some great free presets for After Effects

I love using Squash & Stretch. If there is one thing that can up your motion design game it’s adding extra animation details like this.

CounterPro does a job you can do anyway in After Effects. But it makes creating countdown so much easier, so why not?

Other tools have the ability to clone elements in AE, but they’re not free – Cloner is.

Sam Kolder has released a set of popular transitions that AE doesn’t have itself.

Flicker Freak Horror Flicker Preset can be used for transitions too, or you can just use it to give a glitch-type effect. It doesn’t just need to be used for horror-type footage either.

Fleko Preset – Stretch Pixels & Distort them Geometrically. I see this used a lot with video footage, though I’ve always thought it is better suited to vector graphics.

I constantly use patterns in AE, so 45 Free Pattern Presets For After Effects is a definite plus to have around.